Ketamine for Mental Health in St. Louis

Improving Your Mood with Ketamine in Chesterfield

‌‌InVita Health and Wellness uses Ketamine therapy as part of our wellness options to improve your physical and mental health. Ketamine infusions can make a positive difference for individuals who have suffered from depression or other mood disorders but who have had little to no results from traditional medications. Ketamine works to repair synapses and restore your natural mood regulation. 

Our St. Louis team will perform a thorough review of your medical history and evaluate your situation to find an adequate plan to alleviate your depressive symptoms. Ketamine therapy for mental health usually offers faster results than other treatments. 

Are you looking for depression treatments in St. Louis? ‌‌InVita Health and Wellness has you covered. Call us today at (314) 207-3545 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation!

Ketamine Treatment for Mental Health

People experiencing severe depression can get symptom relief within hours of their first Ketamine treatment. Several sessions are important in the following weeks to ensure lasting results. Six initial infusions are common, and we will determine what booster treatment you may require six to eight weeks later, and then about every six months. Each appointment involves an intravenous infusion of Ketamine, which takes 40 minutes. 

Ketamine therapy for depression can minimize symptoms and in turn help individuals engage in other treatments such as counseling. From the initial infusions to the maintenance sessions, Ketamine can support someone’s long-term healing process.

Alleviating Depression Symptoms with Spravato

In 2019, the FDA approved Ketamine under the name esKetamine, in the form of nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression. Called Spravato by the manufacturer, this new prescription medicine can work along with an antidepressant for adults. 

If we determine that Spravato is suitable for your situation, you will take the nasal spray yourself under the supervision of one of our staff members at our office. We will show you how to use the spray before beginning. We will provide dosage instructions and what your schedule is. 

We recommend that you don’t eat for at least two hours or drink for at least 30 minutes before taking Spravato. During each appointment, we monitor you and let you know when you are ready to leave. You will need to plan for someone else to drive you home after your session. 

Contact ‌‌InVita Health and Wellness today at (314) 207-3545 to learn about how our Ketamine solutions can improve your mental health!

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