IV Hydration and Supplements in St. Louis

Improving and Supporting Your Health with Infusions

‌‌InVita Health and Wellness is a premier provider of IV therapy and booster services in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Our wellness options can support your health and improve a variety of conditions. The intravenous (IV) route is the fastest way to deliver necessary fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins to your body, which promotes optimal hydration and function. 

Your bloodstream directly absorbs IV fluids with greater efficiency than oral intake. Preventative medicine allows you to take a proactive approach to your health. Our dedicated team offers many options to boost your wellness and restore your body’s natural balance. 

‌‌InVita Health and Wellness uses IV therapy to improve your health in St. Louis and surrounding Counties. Call us today at (314) 207-3545 or use our online form to schedule an appointment!

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Benefits of IV Hydration and Boosters

IV hydration is a practical and effective option to get instantly hydrated while providing your body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs for optimal function. Dehydration is associated with several physical and mental health issues, but our services can help you avoid it.

Our IV solutions are gentle and practical to fit into your busy schedule. They are also highly customizable depending on your needs. 

Vitamins we can supplement you with include:

  • Vitamin B12 and B Complex help create energy via food metabolism. Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in DNA synthesis, red blood cell production, and it supports the nervous system. 
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) helps the cells of the body convert carbs into energy. It also promotes proper heart, muscle, and nervous system functions.
  • Vitamin C supports your immune system. Its antioxidant properties also reduce tissues inflammation and irritation caused by free radicals.
  • Magnesium is vital for DNA, and it also helps maintain muscle, nerve function, a healthy immune system, bone strength, and regulate heartbeat.
  • Calcium supports skeletal structure and function. It also participates in proper cell function, blood clotting, muscle contraction, nerve health, and increasing cellular absorption.
  • Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant. It also helps with DNA and protein synthesis, amino acid transport, enzyme activation, and immune system function.
  • Methionine is an amino acid that helps break down estrogen carnitine, a fat carrier molecule. It boosts energy levels, sleep quality, cartilage health, and is a major antioxidant.
  • Inositol transports fats through the body, converts food into energy, helps neurons communicate, boosts serotonin production, and helps in the breakdown of cholesterol.
  • Choline supports nutrient transportation for good cell function. It also helps with fat breakdown as cholesterol, reduces the risk for heart disease and accumulation of fat in the liver.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 supports cell growth in the body, improves athletic performance, energy levels, and circulation. It helps with detoxification, anti-aging, immune function, and a healthy heart. 

IV Supplements We Offer in St. Louis and Surrounding Counties

Our IV treatments for improved wellness include:

Contact ‌‌InVita Health and Wellness today at (314) 207-3545 to schedule a consultation to discuss our IV hydration and supplement offerings!

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