ketamine infusion drip

Chronic pain is never fun. It is complex and more often than not a debilitating medical condition that affects millions of people around the world every single day. In the quest of finding pain management solutions, there is one treatment that’s gaining attention: ketamine. Ketamine was initially known for its anesthetic properties, but is now being explored as a promising alternative for those battling chronic pain. Throughout this blog we will cover the potential of ketamine as a chronic pain relief method, as well as treatment protocols and experiences. By shining a light on the role of ketamine in your everyday life. It can empower you as individuals with insights and understanding on a different way to deal with chronic pain. InVita Health & Wellness wants to foster a path towards reclaiming your life less burdened by pain, and go towards a life of happiness and comfort.

Understanding Ketamine

What is ketamine? Ketamine is a medication known for its anesthetic properties and has a history dating back to its creation in the 1960s. It is an NMDA receptor antagonist, which means it blocks certain receptors in your nervous system to reduce pain sensations. Ketamine comes in various forms including intravenous, oral, and intranasal. The FDA has approved ketamine, and understanding its different types as well as its approvals is important in comprehending your pain management.


Ketamine’s role in chronic pain management is significant in making you feel better. As we stated, it blocks the receptors of pain in your nervous system, and is extremely effective in treating various forms of pain including CRPS, neuropathic pain, and even fibromyalgia. One of the key benefits of ketamine is it offers you relief where other treatments do not, giving chronic pain havers hope. Ketamine’s ability to target your pain neurologically sets it apart from other painkillers. It offers you a promise as a game changer in pain management, which gives individuals suffering a new outlook on their lives, especially those desperate for relief. Ketamine is not about just eliminating pain, it offers new possibilities to give relief both physically and mentally.

Ketamine Treatment Protocols

Ketamine treatments follow specific infusion protocols. At InVita Health & Wellness, we do a thorough review over your medical history as well as an examination before giving you a treatment plan to ensure that it will help you as intended. These protocols also include monitored and controlled infusions, guaranteeing your safety throughout the process. Having us monitor the progress allows us to track your vitals and your response to the treatment. Additionally, it gives you a personalized approach due to the fact that the effectiveness and tolerance to ketamine can vary among individuals. Offering a personalized treatment plan maximizes your benefits.


Many of those who have taken ketamine treatments have reported a significant amount of pain relief, leading to a higher quality of life and being able to function. The relief from constant pain gives individuals better sleep, an improved mood, and even an increased ability to engage in other daily activities without fear. Being able to do all of these things betters your physical wellbeing as well as your mental wellbeing.

Comparing Ketamine to Other Chronic Pain Treatments

Ketamine has been standing out as the top of chronic pain treatments, especially when compared to other options like opioids and non-steroidal drugs. Ketamine does not carry the same risk of dependency as other options, making it appealing to those seeking help in dealing with their pain. Additionally, the way ketamine offers pain relief neurologically might bode well for conditions that do not respond the best to other treatments.


Ketamine truly has potential, it plays a part in lasting antidepressant effects due to the way it relieves pain from the inside out. The future of ketamine is bright and its pain management is promising due to evolving regulations and research. As more is understood on the benefits of it, the way it is given may change and improve. InVita Health & Wellness only wants the best for our clients, which is why we offer ketamine treatments.


Ketamine provides individuals with a promising option in chronic pain management. It’s unique trio of action, form of administration, and benefits truly make it a noteworthy option for those suffering with pain that does not seem to ever go away. Not only does ketamine offer physical pain relief, it also offers the ability to alleviate symptoms relating to depression and mood disorders. This essentially can give you lasting antidepressant effects, beginning from just one treatment.